Bio's + Contact

Vincent F. Browne is a freelance photographer based in Toronto.  Still in the early stages of his career, his professional experience includes doing event photography for start-up business ventures and concert photography for emerging artists.  He is developing his approach to landscape and urban photography by travelling and exploring challenging settings.  His direct approach to the subject matter has evolved from an ability to identify and evaluate compelling content.  His images provide a thematic anchor for the varying perspectives of this exhibit.

Reed Wyman began using photography and video to document communities since 2014. Aware of the gentrification that was affecting some of them, he felt the need to capture some of their dynamism before they disappeared.  He also used that time to collaborated with various rap artists and provided a vehicle for many of them to be seen by a wider audience. These videos have manifested in the form of world wide travel, over 15 million views on youtube, and the promotion of young music creatives.  They have been sited in influential cultural sources such as Vice, The Fader, Complex, and Rolling Stone.


Since 2015, Jonah Zapparoli has been freelancing as a photographer/videographer.  His work is informed by an international set of experiences obtained from travelling and documenting in locations ranging from Ghana to Finland to Japan.  While still a student at Humber College he worked as the Director of Photography for two feature length documentaries that received recognition in film festivals both in Canada and Europe.  His interest in combining business management and media arts has resulted in obtaining work that assists small businesses to develop digital branding content.  

This project continues a fascination with community phenomena.


David Ofori Zapparoli has been documenting public euphoric behavior since the mid 1980s. His work has also explored themes such as housing, societal influences on the self, and human interactions with the natural environment.  His work is in several private and public collections, including the Smithsonian Institution and the Art Gallery of Ontario. Exhibitions in Paris, Sao Paulo, Bamako, and Berlin have included his work.  The Raptors Fever Project represents a joyous return to analog photography for him that began in the fall of 2018.